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Given the current global pandemic, we believe that the recent luxury hand sanitiser offering we’ve made available can provide significant value with keeping consumers’ hands clean and nourished. For the majority of 2020 the demand for hand sanitisers has naturally grown, mostly as a result of COVID-19’s ability to survive on common surfaces, for example cardboard for up to 24 hours and plastic for 48-72 hours (Gray, 2020).

The role of sanitiser within the workplace has also become more prevalent than ever before. Research conducted by Bain and Company during the spring highlighted that c. 70% of workers within customer facing industries (such as retail) would only be prepared to return to work if additional safety measures were introduced prior to returning (Saenz et al., 2020). Additionally, respondents of Bain’s research confirmed that the availability of disinfectant sprays and wipes was deemed to be one of the 3 most prioritised safety measures going forward (Saenz et al., 2020).

One common issue for consumers using sanitising products more frequently is irritation to the skin and trying to steer clear from products that contribute to overall dryness and potentially eczema of the hands. Consumers are advised to opt for sanitisers that help hydrate the skin with aloe vera and essential oils (King, 2020). The Repeat Skincare range provides vegetable glycerine, aloe vera and coconut oil, in addition to natural provitamins that provide a strong nourishing and moisturising effect. Conveniently available in both spray and gel format with four fragrances to choose from (‘rosemary & lavender’, ‘bergamot & lemon’, ‘orange & ylang’ and ‘clove & frankincense’) whilst containing 80% alcohol, the natural sanitisers could provide a suitable solution for those seeking protection from COVID-19 whilst wishing to maintain the overall health of their skin.

The feedback of these products since the launch has been very positive and CCS McLays are currently proud suppliers of the Repeat Skincare range to the likes of Hunkemöller, Belmond and Rocco Forte hotels. The hand sprays and gels are available to purchase here.


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