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Rebrand Concept

The retail industry has braced itself for a return to physical stores re-opening today, as part of the second phase of the UK's latest lockdown easing.

During the latest lockdown, non-essential retail stores have been shut within the UK for over 3 months and many consumers will undoubtedly welcome the current easing of restrictions. Primark, TK Maxx and JD Sports have reportedly been subject to high demand on re-opening day - many of their customers being happy to queue outside despite the cold British weather (Jahshan, 2021).

Whilst online sales as a percentage of total retail sales have been subject to an 80% increase in the last year (Allas et al., 2021), many retailers are increasingly recognising the need to provide consumers with a more experiential offering in physical stores going forward. As of today, Selfridges have responded to such demand by launching spinning classes behind their Oxford Street store, in addition to offering floristry workshops, pampering sessions, out of hours children's parties and private cinema screenings (Fish, 2021). 

Additionally, many brands such as Swarovski have recognised the value of temporary pop-up stores. Such concepts providing retailers with more short-term flexibility (Bogdanova, 2021) and allowing for somewhat of a pilot test into whether a permanent store will likely yield longer-term success in today's challenging economic climate. 

Whatever the store concept may prove to be, we're able to provide solutions for retailers throughout the UK & the EU. With recent developments in our stockholding & logistic capabilities providing 24-48 hour deliveries throughout Western Europe, we're well equipped to provide a consolidated service for the supply of not for resale retail consumables in the UK & across the EU.


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