Making retailers’ packaging & consumables an environmental statement

It is our objective to continue to explore ways of having a positive impact on the environment with all of our global operations.

CCS McLays reviews sustainability with major clients on an annual basis to closely discuss their environmental impact. We have implemented the following changes to retailers within the last 12 months:

- Introduced recycled and recyclable paper bags to the market with the inclusion of a paper handle.

- Developed 100% post consumer waste paper bag for a major client with their US market.

- Major client’s carrier bags: Removed 240 tonnes of plastic away from the manufacturing process whilst still demonstrating the bag visually and functionally identical as it was before. CCS McLays collects the plastic which would normally go to landfill and washes, sorts and recycles back to pellets, which is further used for the client's e-commerce polythene bags and polythene carrier bags. This reduced the client’s requirement for virgin plastics by 30%.

- Undergoing tests with 2 factories to offer paper mailing bags to our retailing clients.


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