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As the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to create considerable disruption to many parts of Europe & the rest of the world, it is our responsibility to provide frequent updates to our stakeholders regarding any effects on our organisation.

Whilst the UK Government have confirmed daily updates as of yesterday and appear to be doing all that they can to inform us of ways in which COVID-19 is best approached, it still doesn’t tackle many inevitable uncertainties that come as a result of the troubling situation.

We would like to confirm that our stock position for all clients remains in a strong position, as a result of overall flexibility with our manufacturing and worldwide sourcing with our reliable supply base. As things stand, our distribution of GNFR supplies will continue to function as normal. We also still possess availability of preventative supplies that may help tackle the spread of COVID-19 and can continue to distribute in bulk and/or direct-to-store with such products.

With immediate effect, no visitors will be permitted on any of our sites within the U.K. for the foreseeable future and until conditions improve, interaction between all external stakeholders and CCS McLays will take place via voice or video calls.

For all our employees who show any sign of symptoms, they have been urged to continue with the current advice to STAY AT HOME and call 111 for further medical advice.

We aim to provide frequent updates in the event that there should be any changes to any of the above.

Ian C. Hall